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Our Story

DoVo Media was founded by two high school friends with a passion for technology. We spent many days in high school tinkering around with computers and learning various software, and after high school we began learning how to create websites. We found that we not only taught ourselves how to create attractive and modern websites, but that we also built them responsively. We saw that many local businesses had websites that had broken links, were outdated, unresponsive, or simply didn’t have a website at all. We came to see how important a great website is to many businesses as it’s often the first impression people get in this digital era.

Our Mission

Our goal at DoVo Media is to provide every business no matter the size or scope an online presence that not only attracts customers and clients, but also provides an experience that creates loyalty. Here at DoVo Media, we want to work WITH you to create the best online experience for you and your customers, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Our Team


Hunter Douglas

Hunter has a passion for coffee and technology. Born and raised in Central Florida, growing up around small, local businesses and eventually wanting to help them.


Matthew Vowell

Matthew is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor Recipient with a love for Video Games, Sci-Fi/Horror Books, and Music ranging from Classical to Metal.



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